We are an innovative global technology company serving the hospitality industry. Our mission is to help companies succeed and improve overall profitability through innovative technologies such as our Linga iPad POS systems, Hybrid Payments Solutions, RestaJet online ordering and a myriad of other business solutions.

Linga iPad POS is the world’s first Open platform, Cloud-based iPad POS System which is absolutely FREE. Linga iPad POS is an innovative, user-friendly and efficient software solution more sophisticated than any POS available on the market. Linga iPad POS has a special offline feature where the iPads work independently without the need of a server computer or another iPad. It even works without the internet. No WiFi, No Internet, No Problem. Point to Point Encryption is also one of the most important security features of Linga iPad POS. Our EMV integration also helps customers to get up to date with new guidelines of liability shift.

We understand that business owners have many things to worry about; our goal is to offer the best solutions paired with the right tools to help them succeed.